1. Macroscopic Experimental Proofs; of Control of Orbital and Spin Dynamics, in the Higgs Fields, Dynamic Functions are represented in the following video's. 1st video System moving on the Surface Tension of Water, it is also displayed on youtube, enjoy it here first. 2nd video is the lower view of the armatures revolving inside the stator wall, to observe cylinders of steel compress the spring at 180 degrees of the electromagnetic system, due to the increase in mass from kenetic energy. The next 9 videos are the Test Flight with Zero Gravity Corporation, in November of 2011. The next video is the system in a water tank, Buoyancy Test. The last video the 65 pound system moving on a level surface of a table top.
  2. The Higgs is important not for what it is but for what it does. The Higgs Particle arises from a field pervading space, know as the "Higgs field." Everything in the known universe, as it travels through space, moves through the Higgs field; it's always there, lurking invisibly in the background.
  3. Particles come in two types: The particles that make up matter, known as "fermions," and the particles that carry forces, known as "bosons." The difference between the two is that fermnions take up space, while bosons can pile on top of one another. You can't just take a pile of identical fermions and put them all at the same place; the laws of quantum mechanics won't alow it. That's why collections of fermions make up solid objects like weight benches and planets: The fermions can't be squeezed on top of one another.
  4. Bosons don't take up any space at all. Two bosons, or two trillion bosons, can easily sit at exactly the same location, right on top of one another. That's why bosons are force-carrying particles; they can combine to make a macroscopic force field, like the gravitational field that holds us to the earth or the magnetic field of the earth that deflects deadly cosmic rays from our sun.
  5. Physicists tend to use the words "force," "interaction," and "coupling" in practically interchangeable ways. This reflects on the deep truths uncovered by modern physics: Forces can be thought of as resulting from the exchange of particles. When the moon feels the gravitational pull of the earth, we can think of gravitons passing back and forth between the earth and the moon.
  6. Aside from the Higgs, we know four kinds of forces, each with its own associated boson particles. There's gravity, associated with a particle called the "gravitons." We haven't actually observed individual gravitons.
  7. The particles associated with electromagetism are called "photons," which we see and use directly in our everyday life, visible light, radio waves, cell phones bars on your cell phone, etc.
  8. There is the strong nuclear force, which holds quarks together inside protons and neutrons; its particles are charmingly named "gluons." The strong nuclear force is very strong, and interacts with quarks but not with electrons. Gluons are massless, just like photons and gravitons.
  9. The weak force comes with three different bosons, the neutral Z and the two charged W's.
  10. The Higgs is fundamentally different from all the other bosons.
  11. Fields have a value at every point in space, and when space is completely empty those values are typically zero. Fields like the gravitational field sit quietly at zero when space is truely empty. If the gravitational field or the electromagnetic field sit quietly at zero, then space is truely empty. If the gravitational field or electromagnetic field is at some other value, they carry energy, and therefore space is not empty.
  12. The Higgs field is different, and it can be zero or some other value but it doesn't want to be zero, it sits at some constant number everywhere in the universe.
  13. Empty space is full of the Higgs field, just a constant field, sitting quietly in the background. It's that every present field at every point in the universe that makes the weak interactions what they are and gives masses to elementary fermions.
  14. What gives particles mass is the Higgs field sitting quietly in the background, providing a medium through which other particles move, affecting their properties along the way.
  15. The Scientific Community firmly states that Gravitons are only produced by the gravitational interactions, however Einstein will take control back again, to point out the Equivalence principle.
  16. Equivalence principle [RELAT] In general relativity, the principle that the observerable local effects of a gravitational field are indistinguishable from those arising from acceleration of the frame of reference. Also know as Einsteins's equivalency principle; principle of equivalence. First of all it must be realized that we can actually dispose of the idea of gravity as a "force." Imagine standing in a small room with no windows. You notice that your feet are pressed firmly against the floor. Holding an apple out in front of you, you let go, and the apple falls directly toward the floor with a constant acceleration. Suppose that, unknown to you, this room were actually millions of miles out in space extremely far from any source of gravitation. Also suppose that, unknown to you, underneath the floor there were a powerful set of rockets with a very large supply of fuel. If the rockets had been turned on ever since you had been mysteriously placed in the room and if there were no noise or vibration from the rocket engines, they would be producing an acceleration of the entire windowless spaceship that would delude you into thinking that you were at rest in a gravitational field.
  17. Quantum field theory also helps understand how one particle can convert into others that it doesn't even interact with directly. A classic example and one that will be very important for us very soon, is a Higgs boson decaying into two photons. That's surprising, because we know that photons don't couple directly to the Higgs. Photons couple to charged particles, and the Higgs couples to massive particles and the Higgs is not charged, and photons are not massive.
  18. The trick is the concept of virtual particles, which really should be thought of as virtual fields. A Higgs boson comes along, a vibrating wave in the Higgs field. That vibration in the massive particles that the Higgs couples to. But maybe those vibrations don't quite rise to the level of appearing as new particles; instead, they set up vibrations in yet another kind of field, in this case the electromagnetic field. That's how a Higgs can turn into photons: First it turns into virtual charged, massive particles, and then they quickly convert into photons.
    The four forces of nature, gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces are all based on symmetries. The Higgs boson also carries a force; but it's not what gives particles masses, that's the Higgs field in the background, and it's not based on any symmetry. As mass moves, relative to us, it acquires additional energy of motion, known in physicst's jargon as kinetic energy. It acquires just a little kinetic energy if it moves slowly. But the kinetic energy becomes greater and greater as the particle moves faster and faster.
  19. For gravitons, the symmetries responsible for the forces are translations (changes of position) and rotations (changes in orientation) but also in four-dimensional space time, not just three-dimensional space time.
  20. Gravitons do interact with gravity themselves; because everything interacts with gravity, but for the most part gravity is so weak you wouldn't notice. Things change when you collect a large amount of mass to create a strong gravitational field or; things change when mass is accelerated, the acceleration of mass, increases the mass, Kinetic Energy [MECH] The energy which a body possesses because of its motion, in classical mechanics, equal to one half of the body's mass times the square of the speed.
  21. The United States Patent number 5,473,957 system's displayed in this web site and youtu.be, are systems rotating moving in the Higgs field; (through space and time) set up vibrations in the "Acceleration Fields," the Higgs boson comes along, a vibrating wave in the Higgs field, they set up vibrations in yet another field, in this case the "Acceleration Field." That's how a Higgs can turn into a Gravitons; first it turns into virtual charged massive particles, and then they quickly convert into gravitons, that collect on the mass of the rotating systems's various parts, various fermions parts of the system are accelerating faster than its opposite counter parts - that has revolved in closer to the center axis of origin of acceleration, than its opposite counter parts that has next accelerated with a greater radius and velocity (thus generates more kinetic energy due to the increase in velocity), resulting in the center of gravity of the total system to move in the direction of the greatest radius and velocity from the center axis, that generates more kinetic energy due to its increase in velocity. Furthermore, if parts have taken one step in the macroscopic fermionic dimensions and then step back again as various parts in uniform motion, move closer to the center axis, you will find that the total system has moved in ordinary space or time by some minimum amount. Thus the motion in the macroscopic fermionic dimensions is tied up, in a complicated way, with the ordinary motion of the total system, by gravitons accumulating on the fermion parts due to acceleration, and this kinetic energy can be measured, one half the mass times the velocity squared.
  22. Please observe within this web site total systems, that have two systems within; one system rotating clockwise and the other system rotating counter clockwise, moving the total system from asymmetric mass distribution of each system being greater in radius from the center axis of the systems at one hundred eighty degrees, the systems are uniform at one hundred eighty degrees, and the mass distribution of each system being less in radius systems are uniform at zero degrees - from the center axis of the system, (see United States Paten Number:5,473,957 for details of systems operation). Macroscopic Systems' Space-Time Picture of Systems' with Chirality "R" Clock wise and Chirality "L" Counter clock wise.
  23. After visiting this web site please enter in any search engine box http://youtu.be/RvJQiEBb3ak (or in youtu.be search engine box type in "Conservation of Angular Momentum Violation", (and all the other Conservation of Angular Momentum examples) to observe the system (floating) moving on the surface tension of water, the video lasts less than a minute and the system increases in velocity as it travels toward you the observer. Click on this next video start button to observe this video now. " The Conservation of Angular Momentum is Violated, as the system is moving from rotational energy.
  24. Please be advised that the validity of weak force symmetry (in the spirit of Emmy Noether's theorem) gives rise to a conservation law; the Law of Conservation of Parity. Parity is a measure of the "handedness" of a system. The Conservation Law of Parity is not valid. The laws of Physics contain forces and interactions that are not symmetric under parity. This happens for the class of interactions called the "weak interactions" that are producing the decay of the pion and, subsequently, the decay of the muon. This is an example of a "broken symmetry" that occurs throughout the weak interactions, which also produce numerous other effects. Parity is violated. Parity is not a symmetry.
  25. Supergravity: 'A' Supersymmetry United States Patent Patent Number: 5,473,957 Navarro Date of Patent: Dec. 12, 1995 SYSTEM FOR GENERATING CONTROLLABLE REFERENCE ENVIRONMENT AND STEERABLE TRANSLATIONAL FORCE FROM INTERACTION THEREWITH Inventor: Thomas L. Navarro Appl. No: 215,311Filed: Mar. 21, 1994
  26. ABSTRACT A controlled translational force generating system includes a main frame, a first set of parallel eccentric mass sub- systems mounted on the main frame and being counter rotatable to generate a set of initial translational forces, and a second set of parallel balance subsystems mounted on the main frame and being counter rotatable to produce a controlled reference environment. The set of translational forces generated by the parallel eccentric mass subsystems through interaction with the controlled reference environment produced by the parallel balance subsystems produce a control able steerable straight-line resulted translational force which causes the generating system to move along a desired directional path. A System of Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration Inc. (F=MA Inc.)
  27. Supergravity [PHYS] A supersymmetry which is used to unify general relativity and quantum theory; it is formed by adding to the poincare group, as a symmetry of space-time, four new generators that behave as spinors and vary as the square root of the translations.
  28. Symmetry [MATH] A geometric object G has this property relative to some configuration S of its points if S determines two pieces of G which can be reflected onto each other through S.
  29. Amelie Emmy Noether's Theorem is for symmetrical operations only. If the laws of motion of a system are invariant under a particular transformation, then there exists a specific physical quantity, whose value remains constant in time. In other words, the presence of symmetry implies the existence of constants of motion. Noether's theorem suggests an alternative procedure for the discovery of symmetries to the laws of motion. The important point is that we need not observe the full details about the behavior of physical systems at all moments of time, something that is practically impossible. On one hand, we have the results that originate from the collection of a large number of observational data, which are processed by the scientist's intuition and lead to the statement of empirical laws. Empirical laws are then collected, in the formation of statements of more general validity. Empirical laws of Noether's Theorem are only correct for symmetrical operations of mass and space and time. For example, if a bump exists on the road, the car's speed does not remain constant. It changes when the car hits a bump. The existence of a bump in a specific place along the highway implies that the road is not the same everywhere and that the symmetry of space translation is lost. Therefore, a breakdown of the symmetry implies a failure of conservation for momentum.
  30. Please take note, the 1st video, this system can go around and collect space junk from electrical energy. The system in this video is operating off of a 12 volt battery, 7.2 Amp. Hr. and in space it can operate off of solar cells with battery back up. It moves with out rocket fuel propulsion, and instead uses rotational energy for travel in space.
  31. These systems are the first generation mechanical and electromagnetic, and are fabricated to demonstrate dynamical linear propagation motion, of these systems. The video above is the electromagnetic system with a strobe on and the armatures demonstrating that they always face in the same driection as they revolve within the 360 degree electro magnetic stator wall of the system. Please observe the steel cylinder inside the clear plexie glass tube and watch it compress the spring at the 180 degree area, furtherest from the center axis as a result of the gain of mass from the kenetic energy.
  32. The Surface Test of the ABS System the last video is on a Table Top demonstrates the dynamics. These systems move/translate in a linear direction that is constant. Buoyancy test in water demonstrates the same dynamical results as the Surface Test.
  33. Test Flight, "Zero Gravity Corporation" in November of 2011, the experimental results of the Zero Gravity Corporation Test Flight, the proto type could just barely climb out of plumb in the earths gravitational field and was no match for the micro gravity in this Zero Gravity test flight, the 1st video system will be the next choice for the Next Zero Gravity Test Flight. That is my next step in this Higgs Field Dynamic Investigation.
  34. Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Superunification This is a new system of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravitation. Next are the 9 videos of the Zero Gravity Test Flight.
  35. Let us now explain that fermions have mass, weight and charge. This is the counter clock wise one half of the system; that demonstrates the right hand thumbs down rotation spin, the other half of the system not illustrated would be the right hand thumbs up and clockwise rotation spin. A Mathematical Proof with out variables: A equals the top center axis of this system; B equals the bottom center axis of gravity of this system, C equals the elector-magnetic quadrupole stator wall, E equals the quadrupole armature reacting to the stator wall, F equals the quadrupole armature reacting to the stator wall, G equals the quadrupole armature reacting to the stator wall, H equals the quadrupole armature reacting to the stator wall, L equals negative energy with respect to A or B center axis with respect to the long radius from A or B center axis, M also demonstrates positive kinetic energy with respect to A and B axis, N equals loss of positive energy with respect to A and B center axis,O equals gain of positive energy with respect to A and B center axis. See Invention United States Patent Number 5,473,957. for detials of operation, System For Generating Controllable Reference Environment and Steerable Translational Force From Interaction Therewithin Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration Inc. (F=MA Inc.) Thomas L. Navarro President, AA, CC, DM, DO, PM, DE, IS, IT, PI, SBC, TD, PO. FORCE EQUALS MASS TIMES ACCELERATION License/Registration No.12628 (City & County of Denver) Spacecraft Attitude Control And Translations Systems Inventor and Patent Officer (Patent number 5,473,957 E-mail address is Thomas.Navarro@supersymmetry.com  
  36. Personal as follows: James D. Isaacson Engineering Consultant, BSME, MSME,  Joseph A. DiPentino, BSAS, MSSM,. Sage W3indstar Marolf,  "Consultant" Kevin Larson, Master In refrigeration, Master in Lathe and Bridge Port Operations,  Robin W. Navarro "Administrative", Zachary J Navarro Electrical Consultant, Tiffany J Navarro "Administrative," John Jason Navarro, Camille Navarro Flight Consultants. Relevant Application Theory, In 1907 Einstein published this principle in a lengthy paper in Jahrbuch der Radioaktivitat, and thus was born the famous Principle of Equivalence. According to this a gravitational field of force is precisely equivalent to acceleration. With the hard work of F=MA Inc. we have validated with no uncertainty the best to explain dynamical translational propagation of linear motion of these systems. Picture of four new generators that behave as spinors and vary as the square root of the translations. Armatures that can be electric generators and are spinors in a superconducting magnetic field. Currently this a normal electromagnetic field of Direct Current. Translate Forward An Alternative to the Unified Field Theory using ""Acceleration" instead of "Gravitation": Patent numbers 5,473,957 describe implementations of super-conducting magnetic fields of the quadrupole electromagnetic configuration and the equivalence principle that illustrates the effects of an acceleration field being equal to the effects of a gravitational field. The electromagnetic system functions very well with normal direct current, and the system is a example of normal conductors, however improvements can be implemented with super conducting magnetic fields.
  37. Buoyancy Test, The Table Top System was enclosed in a water-tight clear plastic box. The system was completely self contained and there were no links between the internal and external environment. The weight of the system was 65 pounds; however, 270 pounds of weight was added to allow submersion of the system approximately 80% in the water tank. The system moves very slowly due to the total system to asymmetric mass ratio of an incredible 335 to 1. This system translated in a linear direction that is constant, as the system would hit the side of the tank and bounce off of the inner wall of the tank and with that bounce momentum would move towards the center of the tank and the asymmetric mass distribution would build up momentum and again travel linearly and again hit the side of the inner tank, please use the pause button then, the fast forward button on the video player to observe in fast motion.
  38. Related Physics Gravity is due to a change in the curvature of space-time produced by the presence of matter. Matter accelerating creates 'pseudo gravity' or a change in the curvature of space-time. In the vacuum of space, if the means of mass acceleration stops the mass will then be riding on a soliton wave of gravitons and will maintain a constant velocity unless disturbed by a gravitational field. To observe quantum activity, you must disturb it.
  39. The elector magnetic configuration in the patent is a macroscopic conjecture of supergravity. If operating in a 'super-conducting' environment, the four armatures can be four new generators that "behave" as spinors and vary as the square root of the translation. The concept of an electric motor to generate translational force provides us with the means to propagate systems over vast distances in space. Electric power can be generated with no need to refuel rocket systems; explaining the benefits of "Supergravity a Supersymmetry." Gravity can be created by acceleration, either rotational or linear. We call this gravity created from acceleration pseudo gravity. Stop the acceleration and the pseudo gravitational field will diminish its effect with mass. Power can be turned on to an electromagnet creating a flow of photons that generate the magnetic field, this is the systems built in protection form the cosmic rays, no need for other cosmic shield devices. Shut the power off and the magnetic force field dissipates.
  40. The Higgs fields are already present in the vacuum of space, again you must disturb it with acceleration of fermions in the vacuum of space or any gravitational field, to activate the Higgs fields. The Higgs fields occupy all space and time. Space and Time is the same everywhere.
  41. Einstein devoted the last 30 years of his life in search for a "unified field theory," which would unite space-time and "Gravitation." Introduce "Acceleration" in place of "Gravitation" to the Unified field theory, [Thomas L. Navarro] A theory which attempts to express super conducting magnetic fields of asymmetrical binary systems, one clockwise the other counter clockwise, acceleration about a axis of rotation and electromagnetism, within a single unified framework. This attempt is to differ from Einstein's general theory of relativity with a theory of acceleration in place of gravitation. These new theories from F=MA Inc. implements the acceleration field from asymmetric binary systems rotating about a center axis unified with new technologies in electromagnetism, super conducting magnetic fields.
  42. Gravitation created by Acceleration in a zero gravity environment.
  43. Number 1 drawing: Our observer is standing in the windowless room; rockets accelerating him up and the motor below his center rotating his room in the direction of the arrows. An apple hangs on a string being pulled by centrifugal force towards the outside wall of the windowless room, this experiment is occurring in deep space far removed from any gravitational fields.
  44. Number 2 drawing: Our observer brings one of his arms down changing his center of gravity and as a result of this action in drawing.
  45. Number 3 drawing our observer is stuck on the wall from the centrifugal force created by the motor rotating his windowless room. Please take an observation of this system's motion being spiral, in the vertical direction as his body's mass rotates on the outside wall of the windowless room caused by the motor rotating the room.
  46. Number 4 drawing: Our observer's motor below him shut down; and now the apple on the string hangs down perfectly plumb as if he were in a gravitational field. Our observer is no longer stuck the wall and can walk around the room as if he was in a gravitational field, and the round objects he was holding now occupy the floor as they were at rest in a gravitational field.
  47. Number 5 drawing: Our observer's rockets shut off. He floats in space, there is no acceleration to create a pseudo gravitational field for him. His apple floats still attached to the string, the round objects float in space with our observer. Acceleration effects mimic gravitational effects, or acceleration effects copy or imitate gravitational effects.
  48. The F=MA Inc. Impulse Force Generation Translation System Translational Sequence In Conclusion a soliton is an isolated wave which propagates without dispersing its energy over larger and larger areas and regions of space, otherwise one speaks of a solitary wave. The fact that solitons exhibit particle-like properties; we are simply looking at gravitons in the Higgs field that are bosons, that occupy the same point in space, or the superposition's of many identical gravitons in the Higgs field can lead to macroscopically observable effects. The first observation of this kind of wave was made in 1834 by John Scott Russell, who followed on horseback a soliton, propagating in the windings of a channel that was created by horses pulling a large barge, and when the barge stopped the wave lifted the barge and then continued on down the channel for John to follow and observe. We cannot observe the gravitons directly, however we can see their effects as they join the mass of the water and create this soliton wave.
  49. In deep space far removed from any source of a gravitational field, a spacecraft that has been accelerated by rocket continues on at a constant velocity. After the rocket engine is shut off, it is simply riding on a soliton wave of gravitons in the Higgs field that has joined the mass of the space-craft. Propagated by the gravitons in the Higgs field, the spacecraft is on its merry way through the cosmos of bosons.
  50. The conservation of angular momentum and conservation of mass are strictly for symmetrical operations. Invariance under rotation through a fixed angle in space corresponds to the conservation of angular momentum. Invariance equals symmetry.
  51. For the readers who still do not understand: Imagine a black box, the black box moves across a table from rotational energy from inside the box. The black box has no wheels, no propeller, no thrusters. The System's dynamics moves the black box in a controlled direction that is constant. This is the simplest explanation of the systems capabilities. This video is the Table Top System, please pust the start button and at the last of this video you can see in slow motion the asymmetric mass distribution of the clock wise and counter clock systems.
  52. BY DEFINITION THE PRINCIPAL OF SCIENCE: IS THE TEST OF ALL KNOWLEDGE, BY EXPERIMENT. ยท THE ONLY JUDGE OF SCIENTIFIC TRUTH IS EXPERIMENTAL PROOF. This web site is experimental proof of systems translating, moving in a linear direction due to rotational energy.. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS MAY PRODUCE NEW ACCOMPLISHMENTS, NEW THEORIES NEW PHYSICAL PROOF, THAT CAN IMPLEMENT NEW SCIENTIFIC LINEAR MOTION DYNAMICS, In the Scalar Fields, now known as the Higgs Field. F=MA Inc. Acronym Definitions List also know as Force Equals Mass Times Acceleration Inc. AA Allocation Authority, CC Corporate Contracts,  DE Director of Engineering, DM Director of Marketing,  DO Director of Operations,  IS Information Systems,  IT Information Technology,  NHDEE National Higher Diploma Electronic Engineering,  PI Principle Investigator,  PM Program Manager,  PO Patent Officer,  TD Technology Development,  SBC Small Business Concern.